Best Headphone Amplifier For Turntable

True audiophiles recognize that the best headphones require an equally good amp to complement them.  Another advantage of having a headphone amplifier is that it will result in astonishing sonic dynamics because it adds clarity to the mix. 

The best headphone amps are determined by a few factors.  This guide will guide you through a frugal solution or a large investment. There are many choices for every budget and taste.  

Pro-Ject Head Box S2


Pro-Ject is the world’s most recognized turntables and home audio devices maker. They make an affordable line of headphone amplifiers like the Head Box S2.   

The model is available in black and silver and is handcrafted in Europe.   

It can drive even the most challenging headphones. The headphone outputs are 3.5mm and 6.3mm can be deployed concurrently. 

Art HeadAmp 4 Pro  

Five stereo headphone outputs with volume controls are available on the HeadAmp4Pro. The XLR inputs are independently switchable (with phantom power) and allow instant playback to any or all the headphones that are connected.  

Input matrix allows listeners to audition each input individually for maximum flexibility. Although the HeadAmp4Pro is designed for home listening, training stations and conferencing networks may utilize it as well. 

The HeadAmp4Pro packs as much functionality into the small format chassis as possible. There are five stereo headphone outputs, each with their own volume control. An independent XLR input (with phantom power) allows users to playback audio to any, or all of their headphones. The input matrix provides the listener with options for auditioning auxiliary inputs for utmost versatility.  

Schiit Magni 3  

Schiit Magni 3 is a Schiit product that has won multiple awards and has received excellent reviews.  

It’s one of the most powerful headphone amplifiers on the list with an output of 2.4W at 32 Ohms. Those demanding headphones will run smoothly on this Schiit. 

It is one of the most affordable and sleek-looking amplifiers available for turntable. Made in America. The fanbase seems to be growing rapidly.

Another great alternative model from Schiit to consider is Mani. Helen Appling, an accomplished audiophile, wrote a review of the Schiit Mani at, the Schiit Mani being “a versatile phono preamp with vinyl experience; it is affordable for new vinyl users”.

Presonus HP60  

The PreSonus HP60 is one of the most advanced headphone amplifiers designed for professional studios and for in-ear monitor applications. 

The HP60 is an exceptionally loud, clear headphone amplifier, which has dual stereo inputs for each channel, allowing you to mix stereo audio from three channels at once (mix A, mix B, and external input).  

Stereo output can also be sent from each channel to headphones or monitors. 

Each channel has headphone level, volume control, input/output mix selection, mute, and mono. The HP60 can be used with an external XLR microphone for talkback. 

In a recording session, a common setup of the Presonus HP60 headphones amplifier is to send the main control room mix into input A. 

Send an input B click track. Send each member of the band the output of their recording channel via the DAW directly to their headphone input of the HP60.  

This allows each member of the band to create a mix based on the main mix, the click tracks, and themselves. 

Pro-Ject Head Box DS2B  

This product  is easily tailored to your headphones due to its many adjustments and features. 

The current and gain settings are also adjustable, making it just as suitable for current hungry headphones as for headphones with a hard drive. 

Moreover, It can be used with both balanced and single ended outputs XLR and 6,3mm.  

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Amplifiers for headphones improve the listening experience. Here are a few great headphone amplifiers for vinyl! As always, you can’t go wrong with any of these! 

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