How To Add Amplifier Connection To Ukulele – A Detailed Instruction

Making sure that your ukulele is always in tune can be a pain. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make this task more breathable. One easy way to keep your ukulele in tune is to add an amplifier connection as it increases the volume of your ukulele so that you can hear the strings and tune them. 

This tool allows for quick tuning and ensures that everyone around you hears what you are playing at all times! In today’s article, we’re going to include several methods on how to add amplifier connection to ukulele. Let’s get started! 

How To Add Amplifier Connection To Ukulele?

Follow these five easy steps to create great sounds from your ukulele!

Find The Right Pickup

To begin, you’ll need a pickup, which is a sort of microphone that captures the sound of your guitar when it’s plucked. The sounds recorded by this pickup will then be sent through a cable to an amplifier or speaker for output. However, you will find it difficult to choose one because there are many different pickups and ukulele amplifiers. 

It would be easier for you if you could distinguish the two main pickup types, active and passive. A passive pickup will provide a more realistic and richer sound, but it poses ambient sounds even with a preamp. On the other hand, the active pickup will minimize the background noise, yet the sound is said to be cold and isolated. 

Each of these pickups comes in a variety of shapes. Depending on your demand, we may put them on the body or inside the ukulele. As a result, when purchasing a sound amplifier for your ukulele, you should consider the sound quality and aesthetics you want.

Get An Instrument Cable

To get the most of your ukulele, invest in a high-quality instrument cable. It links it to the amp or speaker, so for beginners who are just learning how to properly amplify an electric guitar or bass instrument, make sure you choose one with high sound quality and longevity.

Get An Instrument Cable

While they experiment with new ways, it will not sacrifice their tone by employing too short cords.  The 10-15 foot length is typically chosen since they give excellent sound quality at all times. Anything longer than that will diminish the sound, whereas shorter lengths cause disturbing feedback as you’re playing too close to the amp.

Find An Amp Or PA

A speaker box is a gadget that amplifies the sound of your ukulele. Even if it’s only for practice or public performance, this crucial piece of equipment will help you play and hear the music better! An amplifier includes circuit wires and speakers.

Amp boxes exist in various forms and sizes; some are designed for specific instruments (electric guitars, keyboards), but most are small enough to accommodate any size acoustic instrument, such as guitars or mandolin-violins! With its small price tag, a MicroCube sized amp will provide you with a plethora of possibilities.

If you want louder outputs, a public address system (PA) is what you need. This system has more tools than an amp, including an amplifier circuit, volume control mixer, and speakers.


To prevent electric shock, set the amp’s settings to zero, then put one end into the socket and the other end into the ukulele’s jack. If your pickup includes volume control, it will be more convenient when you are plucking. If not, you’ll have to fiddle with the knobs on the amplifier.


Once you’ve set the volume, what you need to do to get the best out of your ukulele is tonally balanced. One thing to bear in mind is that the boost volume should be lower than the main volume. As you become more familiar with the amp, you’ll see that it has more capabilities.

Avoiding Feedback

The instrument’s feedback can cause discomfort to you and the listeners in the vicinity. Until you quit plucking, the humming and startling sound will continue. To avoid this, maintain a safe distance between yourself, the ukulele, and the amplifier.

The feedback is still present as long as the instrument’s soundboard collects the speaker’s vibration frequency. To get around this, we’ll need to change the distance between the soundboard and the speaker.


And that’s how to add amplifier connection to ukulele. To sum up, you’ll need a pickup for your instrument, a cable, an amp, or a PA system with input jacks available to connect it all. And finally, try not to create too much feedback!

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